HAKU TRAVEL PERU was the first to offer luxury treks in the Peruvian Andes. This service was kept exclusive for a number of very prestigious travel agents for several years, and we are now offering it for the first time to all our website clients.
All privately run and usually custom-designed, our previous clients have enjoyed perks like state-of-the-art camping equipment, highly experienced massage therapists, hot showers, outstanding gourmet menus and a number of other much appreciated details we have made reality through our thorough planning and broad creative capacity.
To design them, we first researched the way adventure luxury services were being operated and implemented in other places in the world, conducting inspection trips to remote places such as safari camps in Africa. We also counted with the invaluable vision, travel experience and expertise of our directors. And since our first pilot trek back in 2011, we try to keep on improving our services, always abiding by the laws and regulations of each area, which protect archaeological sites and natural parks and reserves.
All of our Luxury Services end up being unique, since we prioritize making each client’s vision a reality. We do not standardize this special service because each client is different– while one will prefer certain gourmet meals, another will want to indulge in a special massage; one will order mineral water and another, champagne for a special celebration. The choice is yours. Given the nature of the route, the operational restrictions associated to these types of service, and the aim to provide you with a most enjoyable and unique experience, we recommend Luxury Services in the following featured programs:

    • Inca Trail to Machupicchu: 4 days 3 nights or 5 days 4 nights
    • Salkantay Trek to Machupicchu: 5 days 4 nights or 4 days 3 nights
    • Choquequirao Trek 5days/4 nights
    • Vilcabamba Trek 6days/5 nights or 5 days/4 nights

These services are also available in other non-published routes, so please let us know if you are interested in off-the-beaten-path alternative treks, where in some cases, little visitor affluence makes them ideal routes for special services such as these. Our most praised Luxury Services so far have been run along the Inca Trail and alternative treks to Machupicchu. These services are not lodge to lodge treks but rather, cater to hard-core trekking lovers who appreciate having the chance to access and stay overnight in remote areas, those who wish to experience the true outdoors and nature, while at the same time enjoying a unique level of service, especially given the conditions along which we operate. Please contact us to know more about these services, the suggested Premium and Luxury categories and the new HAKU TRAVEL PERU Signature Luxury Service, exclusive for HAKU TRAVEL PERU clients celebrating our 4th anniversary.

We are a legally constituted company

HAKU TRAVEL is a legally constituted company with all the requirements and norms that the Peruvian government imposes on us, currently the tax recorded on sales is 18% monthly, and 30% on annual profits.

HAKU TRAVEL pays the general sales tax (known as IGV), which is currently 18% and also pays annual income tax (a 30% tax on annual profits), all taxes are carefully paid by our accountant .

We never try to evade any tax, since we are a responsible company that must contribute directly to the Peruvian economy. Since 2013, we use a% of our earnings money to increase our spending on community-based tourism development projects. We are really aware that there are communities with a large number of indigenous people living in extreme poverty to which we must pay more attention to their needs.

We pay high taxes because most of our clients (tourists), book directly through the internet, also We work with intermediaries or travel agencies that operate in other countries, buying a tour outside of Peru will be helping the economy by providing Work for the local population. It is estimated that almost 70% of the services provided by Peruvian tour operators are “receptive” and do not contribute directly to the economy. HAKU TRAVEL pays sales tax on Inca Trail services and other 100% tours. When we buy your ticket for admission to Inca road or other tours we receive a copy of the receipt we paid for that ticket that automatically goes to tax offices, for the various payment methods that we have all these, are associated directly with SUNAT (Superintendency of tax administration) since most of our customers are “direct sales” that we have to pay taxes for each customer, on average, in 2012, we paid 33 dollars of tax for each tour sold. This is a great contribution to the economy, since many companies are exempt from paying sales taxes, so as an estimated tourist, HAKU TRAVEL works with many responsibilities in mind.

We will then show you all our legal documents that prove that we are a legally constituted company and that we pay for monthly and annual taxes.


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Name: Elmer
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Country: Peru
Once the deposit is made, you will be given the transfer number, MTCN: Money Transfer Control Number.

Please let us know by email indicating the MTCN number and the amount sent.


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