Terms and Conditions

Dear Tourist, thank you for choosing us and trusting us. HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Travel Agency hereby notifies the general public of its Terms and Conditions of Service defined for PARTICIPANTS, who are all travelers or users who hire any of our services. They will have to accept and abide by the clauses indicated in this document. Please be sure to carefully read the following as the system of services and products may be different than in your country:
HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Has different services and differentiated packages, as it also operates in areas or regions where accommodation is rural or basic, transportation and services may not be what you are normally accustomed or expect.
However, we provide the best services for our clients, striving to choose the best service providers (hostels and restaurants) with great care, effort and diligence.
Travel and itineraries within Peru demand flexibility, criteria, patience, good humor and understanding for changes in services that could be made without prior notice due to circumstances that are beyond our control (Force Majeure). When booking any of the excursions offered, you must agree to the changes that HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Without liability for the following circumstances:
FORCE MAJEURE: This is any event that HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Could not avoid even making use of all possible means to try to solve it. This includes events such as wars or threats thereof, riots, diseases, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, pests, fires, accidents or the like that are beyond our control.
In this case HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Will not be responsible for such events and reserves the right to modify, postpone or even cancel the tourist trip (of course being the last option). In Force Majeure situations such as those mentioned above, it is possible that we have to start the morning tour a day earlier, or do it in less days by modifying the itinerary (usually in 3 days). These changes do not allow a cash refund on our part and oblige the participant to pay any additional expenses such as train, food, or other to continue with the tour.

Before commencing your trip we strongly recommend that you obtain travel insurance covering accidents, medical expenses and emergency repatriation, including air rescue or air ambulance. We also recommend that you write down your cancellations and baggage losses. You can send us a scanned copy of your policy to our email or order a copy from a trusted family member or friend.

You understand the risks involved in booking any of our excursions or adventure tours (Inca Trail, Salkantay trek, Ausangate trek, Choquekirao trek, Inca Jungle, Lares trek, etc.) fully assuming the risks involved in making such trips. HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Does not accept any responsibility with respect to the events that may happen during the trip due to negligence of the tourist or events that are beyond our control.

HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Declares that it assumes no responsibility or liability at all for accidents, damages, illness, death, delays, injuries to other persons or property. Neither assumes responsibility for causes of force majeure, strikes, weather conditions, earthquakes, political situations, etc. That determine cancellations, changes, delays, etc. The client should pay any expenses caused by this situation. Also it is not responsible for loss of belongings, thefts or damages in the luggage. HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Reserves the right to cancel or modify the scheduled itinerary when it considers that it is for a better development of the service and / or for the safety of travelers. It is the responsibility of the passengers to have the appropriate documentation passports, visas, TRAVEL INSURANCE, vaccines, vouchers, ISIC card, etc. HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Is not responsible for delays or expenses due to inappropriate documents or lack of documentation for the trip.
When sending your personal data for the reservation, your passport number or DNI must be valid, please take into account because the authorities that regulate the accesses of the main tourist attractions in Peru are not flexible regarding the checking of the number of passports in The control of income. Also, the information you provide in the reservation form of any of our web pages or via email will be certified as valid information provided by the passenger in order to make the final reservation. In the event that the information provided by the passenger is erroneous, we are not responsible for the penalty that may be charged by external service providers such as PERU RAIL and the MINISTRY OF CULTURE who control access to the train and the Archaeological Park of Machupicchu respectively.

Tour prices are handled according to the season (high or low), quantity (private or group), seasons of the year (summer or winter), and advance reservation forms (In situ, Transfer, Paypal, Western Union, etc. .), Therefore you understand and accept the price differences that may be presented by each passenger separately.
In order to secure your reservation it is necessary to pay at least 50% of the total cost of the tour, the rest will be paid at our main office once you arrive in the city of Cusco.
To obtain the discount as a national university student (Peruvian), you must leave a photocopy and / or send us via email the scanned image of your respective card valid at the time of making the reservation.
To obtain the discount as an international university student, you must leave a photocopy and / or send us by e-mail the scanned image of your respective ISIC card valid at the time of making the reservation. The ISIC card (if applicable) must be valid, you will also have to present the identity documents (DNI or Passport, ISIC card) before starting the tour contracted and at the moment of entering the different tourist attractions (Machupicchu, Sacred Valley, etc.).
The commissions for sending the advance of 50% for the reservation and others must be covered by the client and are not included in the costs of our tours. One or two nights before your excursion there will be a preliminary briefing at your hotel, the time will be confirmed in advance.
Payment of final balance: We require that you complete the remaining payment in our office and must be done before starting your tour. Payment must be in cash (US dollars or national currency). We reserve the right to cancel your trip if you do not make the payment within the established period.
Return to Cusco: The train ticket for the return offered by HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Belongs to the category EXPEDITIONS and is subject to the variations of return schedule booked by the participant.
If the participant wishes to use other categories such as VISTADOME or HIRAM BINGHAM, they will have to request this service at the time of the reservation or in advance.
Return with change of date: If the passenger wants to stay in the town of Aguas Calientes for an extra night without having requested it when booking the tour, we can help you to buy or change your train ticket for the next day but the passenger will have That cover the expenses of penalty that implies the change of date or purchase of new ticket. All expenses incurred by this change of date or schedule are borne by the client (food, lodging, return transfer, etc.).
Train Tickets: Because PERURAIL manages the sale of train tickets at different times, we are subject to this modality, therefore we can offer the following schedules with their respective variants in price:
Train timetable category EXPEDITIONS:
14:55 hours (+ 10 dollars)
4:22 pm (+ $ 15)
6:45 p.m. (+ 5 dollars)
21:30 hours (included)

Participants may request at the time of booking other categories VISTADOME or HIRAM BINGHAM.
We have no control over the exact time of departure of the train set by PERURAIL so you agree to agree with the schedule of return ticket reserved.
In case of wanting to change the train ticket schedule and if there is a possibility of the same, either in the same category of train or another category, the customer accepts to assume the extra charges that this implies.

(1) The deposit sent to the reservation is NOT refundable or transferable.
(2) HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Must be notified via email or in person of any date change at least 48 hours prior to the date scheduled for your tour (NOT APPLICABLE TO THE INCA TRAIL TOUR). HAKUT RAVEL E.I.R.L. Will try to make the modifications requested whenever there is availability. The passenger will have to cover the additional expenses that involve such changes. Otherwise HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Shall not be liable for any result of said fault.
(3) If the passenger made the payment advance of 50% for the tour reservation and then decides to cancel the tour 30 days before the booked date HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. You can only return 50% of the payment made by the participant. Otherwise, adverse or different HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Will not refund any money amount to the participant thus covering the expenses derived from the reservation.
(4) If the passenger made the full payment for the tour reservation and then decides to cancel the tour less than 30 days before the booked date HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. You may return 50% of the payment made by the participant. Otherwise, adverse or different HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L. Can only return some resources purchased in the name of the passenger (entrance to the Archaeological Park of Machupicchu, train ticket or bus ticket)
(5) A claim letter for your insurance company may also be provided by us upon request.
Additionally you must agree and accept the following clauses:


1. Pick-up times are determined in the program, the participant must be ready and waiting in the hostel, not to be ready in the established time the agency is not responsible for the delays and / or abandonment by the transport, for Follow this an established schedule.
2. If the participant is in a drunken state, the agency has the right to cancellation and non-refund of payment for the service.
3. Emergency cancellations such as: earthquakes, accidents, illness (terminal or infectious) or other serious cancellations must be informed with a deadline not less than 48 hours in advance of the participant’s collection.
4. Any cancellation has a fine of 50% to 100% of the cost of the tour service, according to the reason for cancellation (50% if it is illness or accident) (100% other reasons).
5. The refunds will be made in cash or according to the purchases that the agency has made such as train tickets, entrance to Machu Picchu, etc.


1. HAKU RAVEL E.I.R.L. Is committed to provide a private transport to all its passengers, as well as the number of seats according to the number of participants, both outward and return and according to the itinerary of the program.
2. HAKU RAVEL E.I.R.L. Is committed to deliver a return train ticket to the participant, after his visit to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and as stipulated in the tour description.
3. The return schedules are established by the private train company PERURAIL, HAKU RAVEL E.I.R.L. Is exempt from the variations of the schedule established by said company.
4. HAKU RAVEL E.I.R.L. Is not responsible for any delays that may occur during the trip, due to climatic factors, landslides, strikes, mobilizations or other that alter the itinerary of the program or times of departure.
5. HAKU RAVEL E.I.R.L. Will not be responsible for the loss of flights, accommodations or trips that the participant may have for the reasons mentioned in clause 4 of this chapter.


1. HAKU RAVEL E.I.R.L. Will deliver in good condition the equipment required for the descent by bicycle, canoeing and zipline, for his part the participant will be responsible for all equipment delivered either for loss, damage or forgetfulness caused by the participant to the equipment (bicycles, ATVs, Cars) during the journey intentionally or purposely.
2. HAKU RAVEL E.I.R.L. Is not responsible for accidents that the participant may suffer due to his or her own imprudence or third parties, nor for the injuries they may cause.
3. HAKU RAVEL E.I.R.L. Will not be responsible for the delays that may occur during the tour, whether due to climatic factors, landslides, strikes, demonstrations or other changes that alter the itinerary of the program or arrival times.


1. HAKU RAVEL E.I.R.L. Will coordinate the nights of accommodation or camping during the tour as the program specifies.
2. The quality of the accommodation will be subject to the characteristics of the contracted tour. This means that the participant can choose the type of accommodation that he needs or prefers. HAKU TRAVEL EIRL offers different types of accommodation for each tour.
3. The participant will follow the disposition of the accommodation according to the contracted package.


1. The guide will always inform you of the details of the walk in advance.
2. The walks will be realized in the dates and times stipulated.
3. Participants who for some reason do not wish to make the trek, may omit it, but the agency will not pay for transportation, food or other payments that participants make outside the trek.
4. The Agency is not responsible for the delays or variations of the program of any type that could be presented during the walks, whether due to climatic factors, landslides, strikes, mobilizations or other alterations to the itinerary of the program or the established times.


1. HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L will provide the participants with the food corresponding to the tour contracted; The food consists of three meals during the day but will be subject to different variations on each tour. The number of breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be stipulated in the program.
2. All extra food will be paid by the participant.
3. HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L will not, for any reason, include extra drinks outside the program.
4. The participant must inform in advance about the type of diet or diet that he / she wishes to take during the development of the tour.
5. The Agency agrees to provide the diet or type of food required by the participant according to the availability of the producers of the place, in case of a specific diet or food or medical the passenger must consult the agency in advance.


1. The participant must abide by the rules established by the organization responsible for the maintenance and conservation of the Archaeological Park and any other tourist attraction included in the tour, these will be informed by the guide.
2. The participant will have a guide that will accompany and explain in detail about each attraction during the 2 hours that the guided tour inside the Archaeological Park of Machupicchu.
3. During the tour the participant will always have free time to make a visit on his own, to take photographs, videos, enter other additional attractions or extras such as the mountain Huayna Picchu or for the things he thinks convenient.
4. HAKU TRAVEL E.I.R.L does not guarantee the weather conditions during the tour of any of our tours.
VERY IMPORTANT: We highly suggest acclimatization or stay at high altitude (above 3,000 meters, in Cusco or another high altitude city) for 2 or 3 days (average) before starting the tour. This in order to minimize possible conditions for height, you can also help your body to acclimate by drinking a lot of liquid, adding a little more sugar to your drinks, eating foods rich in carbohydrates, avoiding tobacco and Alcohol and drinking coca tea (old and traditional leaf). Please ask your doctor for the prescription of any additional medication.
* By confirming your reservation you express that you are fully accepting our terms and conditions.
Note: Terms and conditions of service are subject to change without notice.
Thank you, we are sure you will have an unforgettable experience!